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MacArthur Campaign Criticizes Andy Kim’s Left Wing Radicalism

TOMS RIVER-New Jersey Democratic congressional candidate Andy Kim is once again the target of criticism by his opponents in Ocean County after trying to reinvent his past once again.

Earlier this year, the Tom MacArthur campaign criticized Kim for embellishing his role as a note taker during the United States’ war against terrorism.

This week, Chris Russell, campaign manager for MacArthur said Kim’s attempt to reinvent himself as a moderate Democrat in a heavily conservative district falls short.

‘Despite recent attempts to run away from his radical past and position himself as a moderate – including flip-flopping on repeal of the GOP tax cuts and weakly trying to pass off an internship as proof of bipartisan bona fides,” Russel said.  “Andy Kim is returned to his ‘resistance’ roots today at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. hosted by J-Street Board Member Diana Shaw Clark, who said her mission in life is to “resist and persist” any Trump policy.”

Russell said Kim owes it to Ocean and Burlington County residents in the 3rd Congressional District to come clean and let voters know who he really is.

“The occasion of the fundraiser is the perfect time to press Andy Kim to come clean with the people of Burlington and Ocean Counties about who he is and what he believes,” Russell added.  “Since we are sure all of these topics are on the agenda of the gathering of radicals in Washington, Andy Kim should be honest with the people of South Jersey – particularly the moderate mainstream Democrats he is trying to fool right now – and tell them the same thing he’ll tell his fringe friends tonight.”

Radical Group Supported Cop Killers and Domestic Leftist Terrorists?

Russell said the Founder and recent board member of the radical, left-wing “resistance” group called RISE Stronger will Andy publicly apologize for the group promoting books authored by cop killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal, anti-Semites and 9/11 conspiracy theorists like Amiri Baraka and domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers?

“Will Andy Kim apologize for RISE Stronger aligning itself with dangerous radicals like Linda Sarsour, who called for “jihad” against the United States government and will he support the official censure of Rep. Maxine Waters after she implored people to harass and intimidate Republicans in public places?” Russell asked.

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