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Jackson Boy Being Hailed As Hero After Saving Mom’s Life with 911 Call

JACKSON-An 8-year-old Jackson boy, Jace Sorchinksi is being a hailed a hero after calling 911 to potentially save his monther’s life Monday.

“Everybody knows the extreme medical issues I’ve been struggling with and today my son, who always has been but now will forever be my hero, asked for McDonald’s and as I was driving there, I felt a heart wrench in my stomach and knew an [aura] was coming, which is the feeling I get before I have a seizure,” Jace’s mom Nichole posted on Facebook after the incident.  “I immediately pulled over unable to breathe, blurred vision and numbness in my neck.”

“Please come help, my mommy isn’t breathing,” Jace told the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher. ”

“Mommy, it’s okay, stay with me. I’m here, your baby is here, and called 911 and told them,” Nicole said her son said as he called 911.

Jace was able to identify their location for dispatchers.  Jackson Police and firefighters soon arrived, according to a report on CBS.

“This young man was able to tell the telecommunicator where he was, what type of vehicle he was in, and what exactly was going on with his mom. Because of his calmness with providing the necessary information, units were able to arrive to assist his mother in under 5 minutes. There are a lot of people including this agency who are very proud of him,” Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy shared in a statement to the press.

Photos by Nicole Sorchinski

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