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Federal Investigation of Brick School Board President Puts Parents, Taxpayers on Alert

BRICK-Stepanie Wohlrab is currently serving as the Brick Township School District’s Board of Education President, but she has also been served a notice by federal authorities over possible campaign finance fraud.

According to a story today in Brick Shorebeat, Wohlrab took in $31,173 in campaign contributions, including large sums from Fairview Associates.

She later awarded Fairview Associates with an extremely lucrative health insurance contract with the school district, then awarded herself $12,000 from her campaign funds.

Parents and residents in Brick are already responding to the report.

Francine Lynn Banick, who has often challenged the Brick school board on issues concerning welfare and safety of students in the district is upset over what goes on with the school board there.

Residents took to social media to voice their concerns over Wohlrab’s corruption scandal.

“Their priorities are so out of whack. She does this because she can get away with it,” Banick said. “Not enough of us challenge the BOE on these issues. Trust me…BOE meetings are empty. They pass things on a vote with barely anyone in attendance….because they CAN. It’s an outrage and we really need to step it up.”

Banick also blamed Wohlrab and the Board of Education for teachers not being involved in the upcoming Midstreams Elementary School Fall Festival, an event attended by hundreds of students each year.

“If you think this upcoming election does not concern you…it does. She is vehemently denying our Brick educators a contract at this current time. She is in support of our teachers to NOT receive ANY raise for 2 years across the board. NONE!” she said.  “As a result of this standoff, our educators are without a contract and one of the casualties is that the Unions insist that until they are contracted, no teachers put in extra value”

“No matter what our political leanings or opinions, this is just terrifying and disgusting,” wrote Emma Mammano.

I tend to stay away from politics and in this case, ignorance is not bliss. I had no idea how bad it’s truly gotten,” said Christina Lyness.

“This is horrible…the Board President doesn’t seem to care about our children and protecting them by insuring their teachers are able to do their jobs. Protect our Children,” said former Brick Township Councilwoman Ruthanne Scaturro.

Brick Township Mayor John Ducey has made it clear in recent months that he is unwilling to offer opinions on matters with the school board, especially when it involves his political allies on the “Believe in Brick” slate, but his colleague, Councilman James Fozman is not so worried about speaking his mind.

“The Leaders of Brick Township have a responsibility to the community, to lead by example with integrity and transparency.” Fozman said. “They owe it to taxpayers to do the right thing in protecting the future of all residents, including children and grandchildren.”



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