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Democrat Congressional Candidate Andy Kim Accused of Embellishing His Role During U.S. War Against ISIS in Iraq

TOMS RIVER-Washington, D.C. Democrat insider Andy Kim, who is running for a seat in Congress to represent Toms River and its surrounding 3rd Congressional District is under fire today, being accused of what could amount to stolen valor for a civilian official in a warzone.

A comparison of publicly available records and news reports are at odds with the campaign biography promoted by tax cheat Andy Kim and his allies, charged the MacArthur for Congress campaign today.

Chris Russell, who works for the campaign for Tom MacArthur today said, the MacArthur campaign wants to know more about how Andy Kim was a “strategic advisor” to Commanding Generals David Petraeus and John Allen in Afghanistan in early 2011 during his brief time in Kabul, but said he has documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request claiming he was simply a “notetaker” in the State Department. 

“Kim’s role as a notetaker would make him the lowest ranking staffer in the room months after he claimed to be closely advising America’s top generals on how to defeat ISIS in Afghanistan,” Russel said.  “Furthermore, despite his claims of proximity to Petraeus, Kim isn’t discussed in the extensive Petraeus biography penned by his mistress, Paula Broadwell, and the Washington Post’s Vernon Loeb. A curious omission for someone who claimed to be so close to the General.”

Kim, in his campaign biography claims he was, “Helping to coordinate the war against ISIS”, although during the time he claims he was coordinating, ISIS was growing exponentially across Iraq and Syria, taking over many regions and cities.

Russell said a 2014 report about Kim from Politico referred to Kim as a “relatively junior national security aide” to President Barrack Obama.

In seeking clarification of the issue, the MacArthur campaign made another FOIA request to the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM), seeking to confirm the accuracy of Andy Kim’s campaign and professional biographies as described on his own LinkedIn page.

But the OPM said nobody named Andy Kim had such credentials.

“Andy Kim has already been caught lying about where he lived so he could illegally qualify for a substantial property tax break, and now it appears he is exaggerating his professional resume,” said MacArthur strategist Chris Russell.  “Andy Kim is attempting to fool people into thinking he was a high-ranking military advisor directing foreign wars alongside our top generals, when the evidence seems to indicate that he was little more than a low-level bureaucrat charged with keeping notes.  It’s time Andy Kim comes clean about the facts surrounding his time in the Obama Administration and releases his own personnel records so the public can match them up accordingly with the claims he is making on the campaign trail.”

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