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Brick Mayor Won’t Endorse School Safety, Will Endorse Activist Andy Kim

BRICKAndy Kim, the liberal activist who founded RISE Stronger, a revolutionary resistance movement of over 70,000 followers nationwide is coming to Brick Township and he is being welcomed to Brick Township by Mayor John Ducey.

Ducey, who has refused to endorse a school board referendum to increase security in the township, according to Brick Democrats is expected to endorse Andy Kim for Congress.

“I don’t take positions, I don’t endorse anybody. The only people I’ve ever endorsed are the seven council people,” Ducey said. “I really don’t want my reputation ruined because of what somebody else does.”

The location of the meet and greet with Andy Kim and John Ducey is being held a private location on Sunday, November 4th at 6:30 pm.  The event location is known only to those attending.





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