Andy Kim’s 5 Step Plan for the Leftist American Revolution

Andy Kim is an Obama era leftist revolutionary running for Congress whose goal is to derail the progress made by the Trump administration.

TOMS RIVER-Andy Kim, a progressive liberal and disciple of former President Barack Obama is in hot water again over his past.    This week, Kim shut down a leftist revolutionary website he founded which promoted leftist political activism and even violence after his opponent Tom MacArthur accused him of operating and organizing protests, supporting Muslim extremist Linda Sarsour and promoting a book by a cop killer.


Andy Kim and family with President Barack Obama.

Is Andy Kim leading the socialist revolution in America?  The answer is quite simple. He probably thinks he does, but he’s not.  However, he is a key figure in the anti-Trump movement and the highly partisan political left.

Until this week, Kim led his part of the revolution by being the nerdy geek with the computer who can put together a meaningful, informative website to help the revolutionaries in the trenches.  You know, the masked antifa protestors throwing bricks through windows on university campuses and in places like Portland, Oregon.


A message from Andy Kim, President of Rise Stronger, a leftist political activism website, which Kim now is trying to hide from the public. Since being discovered by his opponents, the website has been taken offline by Kim.

He did this through a company he founded called “Rise Stronger”.

The website for claimed to be an online network of 70,000 radical extremists and liberal activists nationwide and was founded by Kim.  Before Kim decided to run for office,  his plan A was to organize anti-Trump and anti-government protests.  When he was recruited by the revolution to actually run for office, Kim started hiding his revolutionary tracks.

The Philadelphia Enquirer recently caught up with Andy Kim and his old pal Joe Biden when Biden visited Kim out on the campaign trail.

According to the company’s profile on LinkedIn, it was founded in 2016 and has over 10,000 employees.  Like many other figures in the leftist revolution in America, Kim’s extremism kicked off when the reality of President Donald Trump set in with the young leftists who thought their future in America was secure behind Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The website was active until just a few days ago but was taken down by Kim after MacArthur published a commercial criticizing it.  Thanks to the internet archive, Wayback Machine, much of the website remains archived for public access.

The website features the communist-like “People’s Calendar” and a section called “The United States of Resistance”.    The website was an in-your-face socialist driven propaganda, resistance and staging platform.

Andy Kim claims he was a key high-level staffer in the Obama Whitehouse. Here he is with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and President Obama. Photo courtesy of Obama Whitehouse.

Are you ready to get involved in the resistance?  Let’s Get Started!

Although Kim tried to scrub the internet of the site, many documents from the website remain online, including a guide on how to be a successful left-wing activist and protester.   It even had a convenient cue card for revolutionaries to hang on their dorm room fridge.

In those “Resistance” documents, Kim laid out plans for the radical left’s take over of America which included “flipping Congress”.

Kim’s “United States of Resistance” laid out the framework of the revolution.  Flip Congress.  Build a brand new Congress.   He urged his 70,000 followers to fight “Our Revolution” in the polls by creating a resurgent left.  He organized protests and kept an up to date “Peoples Calendar”.

“Join a major protest,” Kim told his fellow leftist followers and created a daily task list for every leftist revolutionary to follow which included implementing five minutes of resistance into their daily routines,  a daily action, to get involved with online protest groups like Sleeping Giants, 5 calls civic action, institute a daily grab back and to build the blue wave.

Andy Kim having a Spartacus moment with New Jersey Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker.

Kim now denies his involvement in the “revolution” often claiming that he is a bipartisan political figure while on the campaign trail, but his Rise Stronger organization tells a different story, one that is filled with left-wing hate, anger and frustration.

“My name is Andy Kim and I’m the founder of RISE Stronger (, a new group of over 40,000 Americans who have come together to hold our government and our political leaders accountable. We strongly condemn the actions taken by President Trump,” Kim said on the organization’s Facebook page.

When asked by the Asbury Park Press about what the organization was, Kim lied…again.

“A volunteer group that I organized off of a Facebook group that I set up where people could come and have discussions about politics…It was something I only did for a couple of months before I stopped working there or with this group. That’s all this was,” he responded.


How does Andy Kim’s United States of Resistance Work? Andy Kim’s 5 Step Plan

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5.   Kim laid out 5 simple steps for his revolutionaries to follow every day.  Those 5 steps featured an ala-carte menu of leftist activism much like a personal trainer would craft a workout routine for their client.

You can download your free copy of Andy Kim’s 5-Step Plan here.

STEP 1. Get involved in local elections

Kim says getting involved in elections start with groups like “Swing Left” which lays out the agenda for Kim’s campaign and many other progressive liberals to overthrow Congress and possibly America from within.  Ocean County’s 3rd Congressional District is of high importance to the Swing Left resistance movement and vital to their takeover of Congress this year.

Build a Brand New Congress. Brand New Congress candidates are nominated by people in their local communities. Each has a proven track record of integrity.  BNC organizers are dedicated to achieving a post-partisan government that works for liberal left.

Get involved in “Our Revolution“.  Our Revolution will reclaim democracy for the working people of our country by harnessing the transformative energy of the “political revolution.” Through supporting a new generation of progressive leaders, empowering millions to fight for progressive change and elevating the political consciousness, Our Revolution will transform American politics to make our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families.

Flip America through Code Blue. Code Blue’s mission is to create a progressive voting majority in federal, state, and local government.

STEP 2. Take to the Streets

After getting involved in the proper revolutionary groups, step 2 to Kim’s guide to becoming a good socialist involved getting into the streets.  To help his fellow revolutionaries, Kim maintained what he called “The RISE People’s Calendar” and the “Resistance Calendar”.  Here, Kim would make sure his disciples were properly equipped with the dates, times and locations of all of the best leftist protests, some violent, some non-violent.

He encouraged his fellow revolutionaries to join national protests when not engaging in the run of the mill antifa rallies.     Can’t find a rally? No problem, he also included a town hall calendar and urged his fellow revolutionaries to take to the board rooms of local government.

STEP 3. Engage in Action

Here’s where Kim went a little further off the diving board of the left. “Engage in Action” was like a support group for activists where revolutionaries can motivate eachother to be good socialists on a daily basis.  He encouraged groups like Daily Action, Sleeping Giants, Project 1461, 5 Calls, Rogans List, Daily Grab Back Five Minute Resistance, Build the Wave, Wall-Of-Us, The Sixty Five and Fight Trump.

This is where also urged revolutionaries to open their wallet and donate money to the cause.

Alec Perkins from Hoboken, USA – Flickr

STEP  4. Find a Group

In order to be a good revolutionary, Andy Kim says you need to have good revolutionary friends. Step four is where you search out like-minded leftists and meet at Starbucks to figure out a local action plan, perhaps even buy an overpriced coffee so they don’t kick you out for loitering all day.

Here we see Kim’s support for groups such as Indivisible, Action Group Network, Solidarity Sundays, Love Army and yes, Kim even touted local “RISE Stronger State Chapters”.


A sample from Andy’ Kim’s “Library of the Resistance” recommended reading bookshelf.

STEP 5. Get Informed

This is the final step where Kim’s underlings could go to enlighten themselves about all of the evils of Donald Trump, white Republicans, American men and how to be a good revolutionary socialist.

Key to this step was to understand your enemy, Donald Trump.  Kim cited his own RISE Stronger organization as the key information center for all things anti-Trump.  He also recommended his comrades to Presterity, a website dedicated to documenting the evils of the Trump administration.

This is also where Andy Kim factors into the equation of the leftist revolution…Learn About Congress.

It’s a training manual for Obama’s handpicked congressional coup candidates, which Kim is one of.

A sample from Andy’ Kim’s “Library of the Resistance” recommended reading bookshelf.

A sample from Andy’ Kim’s “Library of the Resistance” recommended reading bookshelf.

Of course, there is plenty of literature available here, including, once again, the RISE People’s Calendar and the Resistance Manual.  The Resistance Manual is the Wikipedia of the revolution.

Finally, all good revolutionaries should be well versed with Kim’s “Library of Resistance“, a collection of radical left-wing books written by violent activists, even murderers.    The Library of Resistance is the leftist and communist version of the New York Times’ best sellers list, including the top 100 essential books for the good leftist, liberal socialist.  The collection is everything any American revolutionary needs to get started on the protest trail.





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