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Will Vin Gopal Withdraw His Support Of Larry Luttrell For Monmouth Freeholder?

State Senator Vin Gopal last week withdrew his support for Teddy Price, 58, a Democrat candidate for Ocean County Freeholder, ostensibly because of Price’s arrest record for alcohol fueled youthful indiscretions 37 years ago.

In a conveniently leaked letter to Ocean County Democrat Chairman Wyatt Earp, Senator Gopal  asked that the $10,000 donation he made to the Ocean Dem coffers not be used for Price’s freeholder campaign because Price was arrested twice in 1981.  The way Gopal tells the story, the charges against Price were pretty serious. “Mr. Price’s criminal history is deeply disturbing,” Gopal wrote. Assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, interfering with and fighting with police were the charges Gopal mentioned in his letter to Earp.


Price told MMM that he has never been convicted of a felony, that the incidents from his 20’s were alcohol fueled and resolved in municipal court with fines and probation.   Price said he disclosed his past to Chairman Earp when he ran for Toms River council in 2015 and again this year when Earp asked his to run for freeholder.  Price said he now drinks infrequently and that he holds a job that required random drug testing.

If Price is not worthy of being a freeholder candidate in Ocean County why is Larry Luttrell worthy is being a candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder?   In 2014, the last time Lunging Larry the perennial Loser ran for freeholder,he admitted being arrested in 1997 during an altercation with a police officer.

Luttrell said he was arrested in Florida in 1997 for, he said, mouthing off to a police officer.  “A cop asked me when they started giving rings to the water boy”, Luttrell said referring to his championship ring from the ’91 Miami Hurricanes where he made the team as a walk-on. “At the same time they lowered the height requirement for cops,” Luttrell said he retorted.  “The cop didn’t like that and arrested me, but it is all resolved.”

More details of Luttrell’s problems with the law in 1997, as well as some of his financial problems, could come out in this year’s campaign.

During a poll conducted in Monmouth last month, the questioner stated that Luttrell was arrested for public intoxication, urinating on a beach and making aggressive comments towards a police officer.  The pollster also said that Luttrell had two court judgments filed against him for non-payment of bills.  You can hear the statement in the video above.

MMM does not who paid for that poll, which also made disparaging statements about Republican freeholder candidates Sue Kiley and Gerry Scharfenberger, as well as Luttrell’s running mate, Amber Gesslein. The pollster did not make any disparaging statements about disgraced Freeholder John Curley, an Independent candidate, but that doesn’t mean that Curley’s campaign paid for the poll. Monmouth Republicans say they did not pay for the poll.  The audio recording on the poll was sent to us by a MMM reader.

Senator Gopal was the Monmouth Democrat Chairman when Luttrell ran for freeholder in 2014.  The senator should either explain why he supports Luttrell for Monmouth County Freeholder and not Price for Ocean County Freeholder, given both of their records of youthful indescretion, or Gopal should also withdraw his support of Luttrell.

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