FTC Affiliate Disclosure

Shore News Network Federal Trade Commission Affiliate Disclosure.

Last Updated 9-01-18

Shore News Network makes no endorsement of products, services or individuals, including political candidates and affiliate links which appear time to time embedded within stories.  SNN, when applied provides these links as is, making no endorsement of products, services or individuals.

SNN is a member of the following affiliate networks:

Amazon Associates
Google Adsense
Commission Junction

SNN uses affiliate programs for monetization to help defray the costs associated with running a free website. It means when you click on links and images and make a purchase or sign up or apply, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site.

The purpose of this site is to provide a news and views counter to America’s liberalized mainstream media.   Because Shore News Network often provides balanced news seen as favorable to America’s conservative and Republican political opinions, SNN often attracts campaign advertising sales from like-minded organizations seeking to capitalize on our coverage to reach their intended election demographics.

Shore News Network does not discriminate or block any members of any political party, race, culture or religion from advertising on Shore News Network or in our print publications.  Advertising with Shore News Network does not infer that SNN endorses any product, service or individual that advertises.   SNN, as of 2016, makes no endorsement of political candidates, our last official endorsement being that of President Donald J. Trump.

The website, nor the operators of the website, Stilton Company LLC have no personal or business affiliation with any third party advertising entities, including commercial, religious or political advertisers and is not compensated for performance-based results outside of the above list affiliate networks.

You may also find links on this site to other affiliate programs and affiliations which may include but are not limited to Commission Junction, Amazon.com, Google Adsense and others.


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