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Florida Calls Off Amber Alert After Autistic Child Found Dead, Mother Charged for Murder

MIAMI, FL – An autistic boy who was abducted has been found dead in Florida.  The Florida Amber Alert for Alejandro Ripley has been canceled after the child was found deceased.  An earlier bulletin from the department said police were investigating the abduction of a nine-year-old, autistic male. According to investigators, the victim was with her son as she was driving westbound on SW 88 Street from 157 Avenue, when she noticed she was being followed by an unknown vehicle. The driver of the unknown vehicle attempted to side-swipe her vehicle, forcing her to veer onto SW 158 Avenue. The vehicle then blocked her in while a male passenger ambushed her, demanding drugs. After stating she didn’t have any drugs, he then stole her cellular phone and abducted her son, fleeing southbound in the unknown vehicle. Investigators are seeking the assistance of the community in locating Alejandro Ripley and in identifying the individuals involved.

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