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Memorial Day Freedom March, ReOpen NJ Protest to Be Held in Shore Town that Refuses to Reopen to the Public

POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ – A large political rally will be held on Memorial Day to protest the government closures in New Jersey and the anti-business atmosphere of the Phil Murphy administration.   That rally is being held in a shore town that still refuses to reopen to the general public.  Mayor Paul Kanitra, of Point Pleasant Beach, is hosting a Republican political rally in his town to protest against the draconian executive orders issued by Governor Phil Murphy.  Speakers are reported to include New Jersey Senator Michael Testa and other Republican leaders.  While Kinatra rails Governor Phil Murphy on Fox News over closing New Jersey, the mayor has essentially shut his entire town down for Memorial Day weekend.  The Point Pleasant Boardwalk remains closed, along with the town’s beaches.  Point Pleasant businesses will begin the 2020 tourism season without the Memorial Day influx of tourists.

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Additionally, the township has placed menacing signs throughout the borough warning people not to park anywhere near the beach and boardwalk, with threats of fines and towing of vehicles that violate the mayor’s orders.

“Activities will include a Freedom March to highlight the shuttered small businesses in Point Pleasant, showing the economic and personal devastation from the extended lockdown,” the grassroots group said in a press release.  “Nationally-recognized singer and American Idol contestant Brianna Taylor will perform. Many speakers also are slated to appear: Doctors Stu and Teri Warner, Constitutional lawyer Kevin Barry, gym owners Kyle Newell and Ian Smith, and a number of state senators and assembly representatives. More details will be released closer to the event.”

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Activist Ayla Wolf, who has been cited three times by New Jersey for organizing protests in violation of the lockdown orders, said, “We did as we were asked. We flattened the curve. Now we have to flatten the fear and get back to work. The governor’s executive orders are unconstitutional. They unfairly restrict our lives, target small businesses, and are destroying the state.” She added, “We can safely open the state, protecting those who are vulnerable. We are able to manage our lives and businesses. We don’t need a governor to tell us how to live.”

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While Kinatra’s decision to keep out the tourists has gone over well within his community, many expressed frustration with his decision to host a locals-only weekend in his town, essentially making it all but impossible for anyone who does not live in the town to access the beaches and boardwalk.   The rally against New Jersey’s forced closures begins at 11 am.

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