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Shoplifter Goes to Jail…Not Congress in Brick

BRICK-On Tuesday, February 25th, at 3:30 PM, police were dispatched to the Home Depot Rt 70 for a reported shoplifter. The Loss Prevention officer for Home Depot observed a suspect, later identified as Michael Schecton (28 years old of Whiting), placing items in empty bins. The Loss Prevention officer was familiar with Schecton from previous incidents.

The Brick Police Street Crimes Unit was in the area and responded, arriving while Schecton was still in the store. Schecton subsequently exited the store without paying for the merchandise which he had loaded into a shopping cart. The merchandise, which consisted of mostly power tools, had a total value of over $4,900. When the Loss Prevention officer attempted to stop him, Schecton immediately began running. Street Crime Detectives, Sgt. Lawrence Petrola, Jeff Person and Matt Firneno were on location and gave chase. Street Crimes Detectives subsequently caught up to Schecton and placed him into custody. The detectives were assisted by Ptl. Anthony Barlowski who arrived on scene.

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A search of Schecton’s vehicle revealed a bag of gold jewelry which was believed to be evidence from other crimes which is being investigated.

Schecton was charged with Shoplifting and Obstruction of Justice and was lodged in Ocean County Jail.

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