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Congressman Kim Joins Students to Deliver Valentines Day Cards to Veterans

Press Release: Toms River School District
Photos by TR School District


Feb. 14, 2020: This week is the annual “Salute a Veteran Patient Week.” The VA encourages citizens to conduct an act of kindness to those receiving care at VA hospitals and to raise awareness of the VA medical system. Since it falls around Valentine’s Day every year, student-made cards are a popular activity for many congressional offices.

As such, and in coordination with the Office of Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03), district elementary students happily and proudly created Valentine’s Day cards for local veterans in VA facilities.

“Our office appreciates the effort to provide Valentine’s cards for veterans who proudly served our country,” said NJ-03 District Director Ben Giovine, who visited the superintendent’s office yesterday to pick up the cards and prepare them for delivery.

Congressman Andy Kim has been an ally of the district, a frequent visitor to schools and supporter of students. When elementary students discovered he was delivering Valentine’s Day cards to veterans, they were more than willing to do their part.

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“The district is always proud to support our local veterans, especially when doing so highlights the talent and compassion of our students,” said Superintendent David Healy. “We’re thankful to Congressman Kim and his team for helping facilitate this project, we’re proud of our teachers and students for their work and creativity, and we’re hopeful these cards brighten the days of our veterans in VA facilities throughout the area.”

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