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Barstool’s One Bite Pizza Visits the Jersey Shore

JACKSON-Barstool Sports’ “One Bite Pizza” host  Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy visited the Jersey Shore last week to take a bite out of two local favorites, Pete and Elda’s in Neptune City and Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jackson Township.

Portnoy’s YouTube channel has 163,000 subscribers and his videos average about 1,000,000 views.

He started at one of the shore’s top pizza tourism spots, Pete and Elda’s in Neptune City, known for its crispy thin crust pizza.

“I f—-g love bar pizza,” Portnoy said, giving the hometown classic an 8.1, but was wowed by the staff’s hospitality.

On the other end of the spectrum. Portnoy headed south to Jackson Township to Brooklyn Square, which also has a location in Toms River.  Brooklyn Square is known not for its thin crust, but thick crust upside “Grandma’s” square pizza, with the sauce on top of the cheese.

Portnoy said Brooklyn Square, owned by Peter Grippo was his top fan-requested restaurant to review.  Portnoy always reviews round pizza, but gave Grippo a pass and also reviewed his square pie.

Brooklyn Square received a 7.8 on the round pie and gave the square pie an 8.9 and said it was the best Sicilian upside-down slice he’s ever reviewed.





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