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Social Issue Robotext Sent to Thousands of Jackson Township Residents Remains Unknown

JACKSON-A robotext sent to thousands of Jackson Township residents Wednesday night has caused a stir in the community.  The text was reported to be from “John” at “Local Issues Research” and asked residents to fill out a brief poll.

The poll asked residents how they felt about certain issues facing Jackson Township including lawsuits against the township, questions about Mayor Michael Reina, feelings about Orthodox Jews and other social issues.

It also asked political affiliation questions.  Do you support Donald Trump?  Are you liberal or conservative? Are you Democrat or Republican?

As of this posting, it is unsure where the text and poll originated or by who.   Many of JTOWN Magazine’s readers, a monthly print magazine published in Jackson, said they did not respond to the poll because of its unknown origin.

Did you receive a text? Join the Jackson, NJ community Facebook page to talk to your neighbors about it.


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