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Geoghegan Family Sells Lamp Post Inn, Announces Sale, Imminent Closure

PINE BEACH-The Lamp Post Inn, a well-known restaurant in Pine Beach has been sold and is closing its doors.  Owners Brian and Michelle Geoghegan announced on the restaurant’s Facebook page that after 13 years of operation, they are getting out of the business.

“13 Great Years!! Just a few pics of past memories! A few more weeks of great times ahead!! We are happy to share that we have sold the business. We will be open a few more weeks & hope you can stop in before we wish the new owner Luck! Thank you to our fantastic guests, friends & family for all your support!! 13 years in this business is a lifetime,” the Geoghegans said.

Brian Geoghegan, a retired Jackson Township police officer now serves as the business administrator of Howell Township.

According to Ocean County records on file, the property was sold to Lamppost Realty, LLC, located at 1198 Marisa Drive in Toms River, owned by Joel Ehrenreich.

The 5,000 square foot restaurant can accommodate seating for 165 people and has an office/apartment on the second floor.  The restaurant boasts two bars, a class C New Jersey liquor license and has ample parking for up to 50 cars.

The sale price of the property was not disclosed.

Photo: Loopnet.

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