New Jersey

Phil Murphy Doubles Down on Reckless Agenda: Drivers License for Illegals Will Make NJ Safer

TRENTON-Despite Democrats in New Jersey losing four general assembly seats and one state senate seat, Governor Phil Murphy said this week, after Tuesday’s election that he will continue to forge forward with his plan to allow illegal aliens in New Jersey an opportunity to get a drivers license.

Murphy said the initiative will make roads safer in the Garden State and will make communities stronger.

“Standing in solidarity with New Jerseyans – regardless of immigration status. Making driver’s licenses available to ALL residents will make our roads safer and our communities stronger. #LetsDriveNJ,” Murphy said. “Apoyo a todos los residentes de Nueva Jersey – independientemente de su situación migratoria. Haciendo que las licencias de conducir estén disponibles a TODOS hará nuestras carreteras más seguras y nuestras comunidades más fuertes. #LetsDriveNJ”


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