NJEA Endorses Kathy Egan for Toms River School Board

TOMS RIVER-Former TREA union boss Kathy Egan has received the coveted endorsement of the state’s largest teacher’s union, the New Jersey Education Association.  In a flyer being distributed within the Toms River School District, the union has officially endorsed Egan and Pine Beach candidate Anthony J. Trump.

The NJEA also endorsed Democrat Sally Collins for NJ Assembly District 9, Democrats Erin Wheeler and Eileen Della Volle for Assembly District 10, Republicans Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton in Assembly District 12, Republicans Ned Thomson and Sean Kean in Assembly District 30, and Democrats Jean Czarkowski an David Wright for Ocean County Freeholder.

The endorsement comes in the wake of the NJEA endorsing the 2019 state financial budget that has financially crippled the Toms River School District and many others.  This year, alone, the district cut as many as 80 jobs.

The NJEA and Toms River Education Association unions are working a combined effort to get Egan elected to the board, according to a post on the state union’s Instagram account.

Murphy’s budget, which was fully endorsed by the NJEA has had crippling effects on the Toms River Regional Schoool District.


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