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Whitman Deletes Trump “Hitler” Tweet, But Said Trump Supporters Should be Ashamed

THE SWAMP-New Jersey swamp creature, former Governor Christie Todd Whitman is walking back her comparison of President Donald J. Trump to Hitler after backlash from New Jersey’s huge base of Trump supporters.

She tweeted earlier, “Hitler has nothing on Trump.”    She has since deleted the tweet and offered an explanation.

“Hitler is a kind of person with what he wanted was unadulterated adulation. I think our president wants unadulterated adulation and he doesn’t stand for anyone who was going to question that,” she said.

“The US is a land of discourse with those who disagree, not violent destruction of opponents in a church. #Trump & his defenders should be ashamed. What is America becoming?”  she asked.


Swamp Report: Former NJ Governor Whitman Compares Trump to Hitler

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