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U.S. Census Show New Jersey Second Most Miserable Place to Live Behind California

TRENTON-A Business Insider report says California is the state with the most miserable cities, but New Jersey isn’t too far behind, being ranked second-worst in the nation.  Business Insider ranked the 50 most miserable cities in America and nine cities in our small “Garden State” made the cut.

Plainfield was ranked 30/50.

West New York was ranked 29/50.

Paterson was ranked 19/50.

Trenton was ranked 7/50.

Union City was ranked 15/50.

New Brunswick was ranked 11/50.

Camden was ranked 8/50.

Unsurprisingly, Cory Booker’s Newark was ranked 5th most miserable city to live in the entire nation.  Last month, the city announced a water crisis that festered under Booker’s watch.


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