Mayor Amato and the Berkeley Council proclaimed the Month of October as Italian American Heritage Month

Members of the Holiday City Silver Ridge Park Italian American Club of Berkeley Township attended and participated in a flag raising this past weekend.

The Italian Flag Raising was held at Town Hall to recognize the month of October as Italian Heritage Month.

Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr., Council Members: Tom Grosse, John Bacchione, Sophia Gingrich, Keith Buscio and Jim Byrnes welcomed the Holiday City Silver Ridge Italian American Club of Berkeley Twp. To join them in a reading of the Proclamation and the raising of the Italian flag.

Berkeley Township is home to one of the largest Italian populations in the County. Amato said, “I’m proud to honor Italian Americans today as we recognize October as Italian American Month and thank the generations of Italian Americans who have helped shape our society and steer the course of our history.”

The Italian flag will be flown for the month of October at Veterans Park.


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