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Lakewood Gun Battle Survivors Meet on 10th Anniversary

LAKEWOOD-It was an early fall morning, at 2:25 am when police officers from Lakewood, joined by state troopers and federal authorities descended upon a home to execute a no-knock warrant against a suspected gun runner Jamie Gonzales.

As the team entered the home, Gonzales confronted them and began shooting at officers, using a stolen .357 Magnum against officers as they rushed upstairs to apprehend the fugitive.

Four Lakewood officers were shot including Jonathan Wilson, Sgt. Louis Sasso, Leonard Nieves, and Lt. Greg Meyer (now police chief).

Officers were able to return fire, critically wounding Gonzales.

Wilson was shot in the head. The bullet, according to reports at the time exited through the side of his face after ricocheting off of his skull.

Meyer was shot in the foot while Sasso and Nieves both were shot, but were protected by their bullet proof vests.

Gonzales’ charges escalated from gun trafficking to attempted murder.   On Monday, members of that SWAT team reassembled for a reunion to commemorate the shoout out that occurred 10 years ago.



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