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Toms River Officials Take Tour of Other Massive Projects Built by Firm Building 500 Apartments Downtown

TOMS RIVER-Toms River officials went on a field exercise to see first hand the type of high-density construction projects built previously by Capodagli Property Company, LLC, but we do not know which officials or which site they visited and we’ve been told it’s none of our business.

“That was a private tour that our members of the Governing Body attended and no information was released to the public,” said Toms River press secretary Stacey Proebstle after we inquired about the tour.

According to its website, Capodagli has built massive apartment buildings in the cities of Linden, Bound Brook, South Orange, Roselle Park, Hackensack, Rahway, North Arlington, West New York, and Hackensack

“At this time, it is proposed that the park and riverwalk will be developed at a higher elevation than the current adjacent parking lot. Public access to the Toms River for launching of rooftop boats will be maintained,” Proebstle said. “Capodagli Property Company, LLC has been approved as the interim developer of the lower Iron Street parking lot (adjacent to the Red Roof Inn Lot along the Toms River) and has proposed to construct Meridia Waterside at Toms River.”

According to Proebstle, the massive building is a proposal and may be subject to change.


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