Toms River to Build 500 Hi-rise Apartment Units Downtown

TOMS RIVER-A new plan to redevelop parts of Downtown Toms River call for up to 500 apartment units, retail space and a restaurant.   The project was awarded to Capodagli Property Co. by the township.

Councilman Maurice “Mo” Hill, who is now running for mayor gave his stamp of approval on the development.

In an Asbury Park Press feature, Hill said, “Capodagli has a track record of successful development in New Jersey.”

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Hill serves on the township’s land use committee and intends to travel to Hackensack to the see urban centers the company has built.

Capodagli has built cities within cities of North Arlington, Rahway, South Orange, West New York and Hackensack.  This will be their first downtown urban center built in Ocean County, according to the company’s portfolio.

“It’s a good-looking project,” Hill said in the Asbury Park Press Report. “A lot of good things are starting to happen in the downtown.”


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