Petro Leads Poll to be Next Mayor of Toms River

TOMS RIVER-Jonathan Petro held a slight advantage over Councilman Maurice Hill in Shore News Network’s first mayoral poll.  In this poll, a popularity poll, all candidates that ran in the 2019 primary, including Mayor Thomas Kelaher were included.

35.3% of poll takers chose lawyer Jonathan Petro in the poll.   Hill received 32.4%.   Combined, Daniel Rodrick and Joseph Coronato, who lost in the primary received 26.6% of the total votes.

Only 5.8% chose current Mayor Thomas Kelaher.    Our next poll, starting next week will narrow the field to the two running candidates.

With Hill receiving the coveted Orthodox Jewish bloc vote, both will now be wrangling for votes between supporters of Rodrick and Coronato in the general election.


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