Beachwood Realtor Hoping for Write-In Campaign Victory Next Tuesday

BEACHWOOD-Local realtor Glen Kelly is hoping to achieve the impossible on Tuesday with a victory  for mayor of the small borough.  There’s just one problem.  Kelly is not on the ballot and is mounting a write-in campaign in hopes to defeat incumbent Mayor Ronald Roma.

In order to vote for Kelly, you must be a registered Republican or independent voter and must choose the “Write-In” option to the far right of Mayor Roma’s Column A ballot position.  In order for Kelly’s vote to county, voters must also spell his name correctly, Glen Kelly, one N and two L’s under the column labeled “Personal Choice”.

Your write-in vote must also be on the same row as Roma’s, which the “Mayor” row 6.

The primary election will be held on Tuesday, June 4th.

Sample ballot depicting correct button to select to enter name for write-in.

After selecting the option, you can use the keyboard letterpad to manually type in the candidate’s first and last name.





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