After Suing Republican Party, Hill Gets Mo’ Money for Primary Opposition Campaign

TOMS RIVER-Councilman Maurice “Mo” Hill is running for mayor of Toms River and after unsuccessfully demanding money from former GOP Chairman George Gilmore, a judge ruled on Thursday that Hill’s campaign will receive $25,000 from the Toms River Republican Club.

Hill said he asked Gilmore for campaign money earlier this month even though the former chairman was not associated with the account.   He then sued the Toms River Republican Club for the money.

Hill contended that 25% of a roughly $100,000 party campaign fund still belonged to him since the account bore his name along with his former running mates.    After Hill quit the Republican Club, he asked Gilmore for the money.

The funds will be transferred into Hill’s campaign account on Monday, according to the court.

Where in the world was Mo?  Hill was not present at Friday’s court hearing and according to inside sources, he is currently on vacation.


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