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Lanuto Announces Consolation Prize: Holman to Take Gilmore’s Seat on County Board of Elections

TOMS RIVER-Minutes after winning the election for Ocean County GOP Chairman, Frank B. Holman, III received news from acting chairwoman Barbara Lanuto that he would be taking former GOP Chairman George Gilmore’s seat on the Ocean County Board of Elections.

Lanuto was overheard announcing the decision in the hallway of the Ritacco Center.

The position currently carries a $20,000 annual salary and full medical benefits, according to records on file with the county.

The $20,000 salary, plus benefits would add to Holman’s existing public income take of $6.3 million annually.

Talk in the hallway after the election also involved staffers sending resumes to party leaders for jobs and positions to be filled as the county GOP reorganizes in the wake of last night’s election.


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