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A Party Divided: Holman Wins County GOP Chairman Election

TOMS RIVER-A late push into Lakewood helped Frank Holman win the Ocean County GOP Chairman’s election.  Holman defeated his opponent Frank Sadeghi 254 -229.  According to poll workers, voting machines from Lakewood, Jackson and Manchester helped Holman edge out his opponent by just 23 votes.

A room full of nearly 500 county committee Republicans was split between Holman, the establishment’s endorsed candidate and Sadeghi, who campaign taking pay-to-play politics out of the Ocean County GOP political biosphere.

The party was split nearly in half and despite not winning any establishment endorsements, Sadeghi’s campaign shows that at least half of Republicans in Ocean County supported his campaign to end political pay-to-play, top-down party boss-style politics, which will now have to wait until the next election three years from now.



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