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Judge Freezes Funds As Mo Hill Continues to Fight for Mo’ Money from Gilmore

TOMS RIVER-Maurice “Mo” Hill is suing the Toms River Republican party claiming he is owed 25% of campaign funds being held by the party.   Hill, resigned from the Republican party and has set up his own election campaign fund to fight Republicans running for office, including former Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato.

Hill claims Coronato’s campaign owes him money, but the party says they don’t owe Mo any dough.

GOP Campaign treasurer Carmen Memoli said the funds were raised by the party and Hill did not raise the funds, noting that Hill resigned from the Toms River Republican Club, further distancing himself from the funds.

Judge Francis R. Hodgson has placed a freeze on the funds until the matter can be settled in court.

According to the New Jersey Globe, Hill said he had asked former Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore for his share of the money, but Gilmore refused.  According to the New Jersey Elections Law Enforcement Commission, the campaign manager and treasurer are the sole entities of how the money is spent, regardless of which candidate’s name is on the account.

Hill contests that determination and is suing for what he feels is his share of the funds.

Last week, Hill said he cannot compete in the election without Gilmore’s funds.

Hill claims he is owed $25,832.

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