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Can Lakewood Republicans Push Democrat Donor Holman Over GOP Election Finish Line?

LAKEWOOD-The election to choose the next chairman of the Ocean County Republican Party is just hours away and the GOP establishment’s handpicked candidate, Frank B. Holman, III is hoping this week’s visit to Lakewood can get him across the finish line, ahead of his opponent, businessman Frank Sadeghi.

Holman on Monday met with a delegation of Lakewood Republicans at the Eagle Ridge Golf Course, which is slated to be redeveloped into 500 high-density duplexes in the future.

In that room, Holman pledged to the Lakewood Republicans that the GOP, under his rule would be a more diverse party than it is today.  Holman, whose firm earns more than $6.3 million in pay-to-play contracts from Democrats and Republicans statewide has been under fire for his firm’s support to Democrat candidates over the years.  That support totals over $73,000 in key elections that saw Republicans lose key elections to the Phil Murphy Democrats.

Sadeghi was not at the private gathering.

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Joining Holman was Ocean County Freeholder and RNC Chairwoman Virginia Haines and New Jersey Senator Bob Singer.

Haines, along with New Jersey Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin has been accused by several elected county officials on the GOP committee of using harassing and intimidating tactics against those opposing Holman, including canceling and advertising agreement with Shore News Network for publishing factual news that opposed their political position.

Senator Singer sharply criticized Holman’s opponent in front of the Lakewood delegation, consisting mostly of Orthodox Jewish men.   Freeholder Haines pledged her support of Holman’s agenda and candidacy and reiterated her endorsement as well as the endorsement of the Ocean County GOP leadership of Holman.

Haines maintained her support for Holman despite revelations that his firm, Holman, Frenia & Allison donated tens of thousands of dollars in recent years to Democrats who helped to defeat Republicans across New Jersey, including donations to a political action committee that aided in the defeat of Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur.

If Holman wins his election, he vows to retire from his firm, which receives over $6.3 million in patronage work annually.

Barbara Lanuto, acting chairwoman of the Ocean County GOP, made a last minute change to the election, switching venues.  The election will now be held at the former Ritacco Center at Toms River High School North.  Doors open at 5:30 pm, voting begins at 6 pm.  The GOP did not specify how long polls will be open for.  Voting is only open to members of the elected Ocean County Republican Committee.




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