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Holman Continues to Hide from Democrat, Political Campaign Double Dipping, Intimidation


“$6 Million Man” Frank B. Holman, III.

TOMS RIVER-Frank B. Holman, III continued to deny his firm donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrat political campaigns this week.   In a mailer sent to voters ahead of Wednesday’s Ocean County GOP chairman election, Holman continued to deny he had ever donated to Democrat political campaigns, despite the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission records showing his firm routinely donated to both Democrats and Republicans.

Holman last week was hand-picked by Ocean County GOP party elders to succeed George Gilmore as party chairman.   Holman also last week criticized Gilmore’s former campaign chairman, Jerry Dasti for his role in crushing losses to Democrats locally.

In return, the firm earns over $6,000,000 in public pay-to-play contracts annually according to the commission.    Holman’s firm, according to state records “double dips” on both sides of the aisle, giving over $72,000 in campaign contributions to pro-Phil Murphy, Anti-Trump Democrats.

FACT CHECK: Download Holman’s firm’s NJ Pay-to-Play files directly from the State of New Jersey.

Holman continues to downplay his involvement in political pay to play politics in New Jersey, blaming his firm’s donation on his business partners instead who signed the checks for those donations, reported as contributions by his firm in campaign filings.

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In response to the information released from the election commission reports, Holman this week sent voters a postcard of himself with former President George W. Bush and former New York City Mayor Rudy Gulliani, from many years ago.

During the campaign, Holman’s supporters, including Freeholder Virginia Haines and Assemblyman Greg McGuckin have been accused of making threats to county committee members who hold public jobs.   Holman has yet to condemn those actions to coerce votes in his favor.

Holman, through his firm’s political pay-to-play contributions, has earned himself the nickname “6 Million Dollar Man” for the public funds his firm receives annually in communities where it is active in providing campaign funding to Democrats and Republicans.

Last week, Holman several allies and elders of the Jackson Township Republican Committee were outspoken in favor of Holman’s candidacy.   Holman donated $2,400 to that club’s political campaign in 2018.  Holman was described as a “Jackson native son”, but has not lived in the township for nearly two decades.

In a campaign mailer sent this week, Holman said his opponent doesn’t understand campaign donations, but perhaps it’s Holman who does not understand New Jersey’s strict Pay-To-Play laws which lump a firm’s political donations under the banner of the firm to stop  pay-to-play firms like Holman, Frenia, Allison from skirting campaign finance laws.  In 2016, the CEO of Birdsall Engineering was sentenced to 4 years in prison for admitting to a complex pay-to-play scheme where he instructed employees of the firm to make those contributions to skirt the state’s pay-to-play laws.  Like Holman, Frenia Allison, Birdsall also received tens of millions of dollars from political engineering contracts on both sides of the aisle.  That is why the State of New Jersey doesn’t identify individual contributors of politically appointed firms that receive contracts through political campaign donations.

Below are screenshots of Holman’s firm’s donations to Democrats.  Source, New Jersey Election Commission.






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