Holman Criticizes GOP Finance Chair Dasti After Blistering Losses to Democrats

TOMS RIVER-Frank B. Holman, the head of an accounting firm that receives over $6,000,000 annually from public contracts and supported the successful Democrat takeover of several communities during 2018’s “Blue Wave” this week criticized the OC GOP Finance Chairman for Republican defeats in Ocean County.

In an op-ed published to a political blog last week, Holman, who is seeking to be the next GOP Chairman of Ocean County in the wake of the resignation of longtime chairman George Gilmore slammed Jerry Dasti, the party’s former campaign finance chairman.

Holman said, “[The] handpicked fundraising chief…was unable to raise the money necessary to win. We must work together to do better in this area.”

While Holman blamed his opponent, Frank Sadeghi for the crushing losses that saw New Jersey lose the Senate and nearly every seat in Congress, the finance chairman during the campaign was Holman ally, lawyer Jerry Dasti whose firm Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, Ulaky, Koutsouris & Connors would be the likely recipient of the spoils of war in the departure of Gilmore.   The firm receives nearly $2,000,000 annually in public contracts and would seek to take the $2.4 million being paid to Gilmore’s firm.  If successful, the firm can see itself taking in $4.4 million in public funds next year if Holman wins the chairman’s election.

Dasti, according to the GOP was fired as chair in 2019 for not raising enough money to defeat Congressman Andy Kim, which should have been a win for Republicans. Instead, Kim defeated Republicans and ousted Congressman Tom MacArthur.

In a January 2019 article in the New Jersey Globe,  former GOP Chairman George Buckalew had groomed another up-and-coming Republican besides Gilmore: Jerry Dasti.  When Gilmore became county chairman, Dasti was installed as finance chairman.   Dasti, instead is supporting Holman and according to insiders would be the behind-the-scenes shadow chairman.

It was a position he held until this year when he was fired by the party and replaced by Sadeghi.

Holman’s op-ed shows either a complete lack of understanding of the reality of what happened to Republicans in 2019 or it was an intentional lie to mislead Republicans and members of the Ocean County Republican County Committee.

The one fact Holman got right was that the finance chairman was responsible for the devastating losses Republicans suffered in 2018.

Now, according to insiders in the party, Holman is running his campaign to ensure that Dasti will return to a prominent role within the party after being sacked for the staggering losses in the midterms last year.

Holman also ignored claims of harassment and intimidation by several elected party officials against members of the county committee, to persuade voters in his direction.

The election is to be held May 15th.




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