Governor Murphy: In Politics, If You Burn Bridges, You Get No Tunnel Funding

TRENTON-Governor Phil Murphy is upset.  The Governor who is suing President Donald Trump to block the building of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, declared his state a sanctuary state, has sharply criticized the President and recently passed a law to keep him off the 2020 election ballot is now upset because he’s not getting money for his Gateway Tunnel between New Jersey and New York City.

Murphy met with the President back in February, but it appears that meeting did not go in the Governor’s favor as Trump’s new budget allocates no money for the project.

Deputy Secretary Jeffrey Rosen said this week if Phil Murphy and fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, want a tunnel, they have to find the funds on their own.

“Those transit projects are local responsibilities, and elected officials from New York and New Jersey are the ones accountable for them,” Rosen said.

To date, neither state has approved funding for the $30 billion project.

“Those are projects that those communities themselves have thus far chosen not to fund,” he said. “While we occasionally hear reports that officials from those states say they will do so, there is not yet any discernible path forward.”

Cuomo accused the President of injecting politics by not funding the project.

Murphy’s administration has been defiant and non-supportive of the Trump administration since taking office in January of 2018, now the Governor is realizing it is his own brand of aggressive progressive politics that may have cost both states funding for the tunnel.

To learn more about this project, visit Bloomberg.


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