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Once Safest Town in America Now Needs Police, Metal Detectors in Town Hall

BRICK TOWNSHIP-In 2006, Brick Township was identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as the safest town in America.  Now, 13 years later, the Democrats who took control of the town have installed metal detectors and increased police presence for township meetings.

This is being reported by the local online news outlet, Brick Shorebeat.

Much of the concern stems from the township’s Democrat government’s involvement in a medical marijuana dispensary after it had come to light that Mayor John Ducey and members of the township council had personal relationships with the owners of the proposed facility.

Township officials have met with law enforcement as the political climate in the town heats up between residents who don’t want the marijuana facility and pro-marijuana agitators that have made the township ground zero in the legal and political battle over medical marijuana in New Jersey.


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