Phil Murphy Dodges Rapegate Question During Telephone Town Hall

TRENTON, NJ-A report at NJ.Com details the lengths Governor Phil Murphy will go to cover up the alleged rape of former staffer Katie Brennan.  This time, he was screening calls during telephone town hall to support his $15 minimum wage business tax.

One caller, named Anthony switched gears on the governor.

“Who hired Al Alvarez?” he asked the Governor, who was apparently waiting for a completely different question.

“Not the question that you said you were going to ask, obviously,” the Governor responded.

Murphy directed the caller to a press release he put out earlier about the whole rapegate ordeal that declared neither the governor nor anyone associated with his administration did anything but act in good faith while trying to brush the Brennan matter under the rug.

One thing that press release still does not answer is who hired accused rapist Al Alvarez.



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