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NJ Republican Chairman Steinhardt: We Need to Tell NJ Democrats We’ve Had Enough

TRENTON, NJ-Doug Steinhardt, the chairman of the New Jersey Republican party today applauded President Donald J. Trump’s powerful and uniting State of the Union speech.  In that speech, the President touted economic reforms that have led to America’s current economic success and growth.  While most Democrats in Congress protested the President’s speech by sitting silently through the night, New Jersey top Republican echoed the President’s call for bi-partisanship in a state controlled by the Democrat party.

Doug Steinhardt – Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party.

“President Trump is taking our country in the right direction. His policies are earning new, well-paying jobs, helping small businesses thrive and lifting America’s economy to new heights,” Steinhardt said. “While America grows, our home state of New Jersey lags behind. It’s time for New Jersey to fight back and tell Democrats in Trenton that we have had enough of the burdensome tax increases and strangling regulations. It’s time for both parties to come together and take action on improving New Jersey’s business climate and making our state more affordable.”

New Jersey is currently a state with three political parties, Republicans, Phil Murphy Democrats, and Steve Sweeney Democrats.

Of late, the two battling Democrat factions have done nothing but create new taxes that have led to the state leading the nation in exodus figures.

According to a report by Atlas Van Lines, more people are leaving New Jersey than any other state in the country and Steinhardt blamed Democrats for creating an unfavorable business climate and the excessive taxation of New Jersey residents.

New Jersey is spiraling out of control, becoming unaffordable for many residents, who are leaving for southern states like South Carolina, Virginia and North Carolina.   With all of the New Jersey Assembly seats up for grabs in November, New Jersey Republicans are hoping to gain seats to stop the radical, progressive agenda of Governor Phil Murphy.



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