Champion of Toms River School $147,000,000 Referendum Appointed to State Board

Daniel Leonard, a representative of the Borough of Beachwood serving on the Toms River Regional School District Board of Education has been appointed to serve on the New Jersey School Board Administration’s Board of Directors.

At the Jan. 18 NJSBA Board of Directors meeting, three new members took the oath of office.

Leonard was a champion of the January 22nd school board referendum passed by voters to provide $147,000,000 in funding to repair facilities in his district, which, according to the TREA, has been having financial problems of late.


Left to right, Daniel Leonard, from the Toms River Regional Board of Education, alternate member for Ocean County; Dan Sinclair, NJSBA president; Steven Seavey, from the Monmouth Regional High School Board of Education, alternate member for Monmouth County; and Scott Nodes, from the Greenwich Township Board of Education, alternate member for Warren County.


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