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Why are Media and #MeToo Politicians Silent on #Rapegate in New Jersey

TRENTON-The alleged rape of a former female staffer of Governor Phil Murphy is hogging the headlines ahead of the Governor’s State of the State address, but one thing noticeably missing is the media identifying this latest scandal as Rapegate.

When the administration of former Governor Chris Christie moved a few traffic cones for political vengeance, all of New Jersey’s media quickly adopted the Bridgegate moniker.

Why aren’t we using Rapegate?  That’s what is really happening here.  A young woman, Katie Brennan has lodged a very serious and very credible claim against former Murphy ally Albert Alvarez.  The claims were so serious that Alvarez was eventually forced out of the Murphy administration, but the cover-up continues.

Also, why is there silence from New Jersey’s #MeToo champions, Cory Booker and Bob Menendez?

When 30-year-old allegations were lodged against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, these two crusaders of women’s rights were all over the story, demanding justice be served.

Now that rape accusations have been lodged against their political ally, in their own state, they are silent, quiet and non-existent.  That’s because there are no political points to be scored sticking up for a young woman who not only claims she was raped, but enough evidence is out there now to prove a clear and present cover-up that goes all the way up to the top levels of the Murphy administration.

As horrible as it sounds, it is a reality.   We need justice for Katie and we need the media to treat all politicians equally.   If Chris Christie owned Bridgegate, then Phil Murphy should own Rapegate.




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