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Three Jersey Women File Petition to Recall Governor Phil Murphy

TRENTON-A formal petition has been filed in Trenton to begin the recall process of Governor Phil Murphy.

On Friday, Patty Hoch, Terry Beck and former gubernatorial candidate Monica Brinson filed an official petition to recall New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.   The three women represent the official recall committee for the petition.

The women say they have done their homework, have the resources and will be ready to start expanding their effort to recall Phil Murphy in the coming days.

The trio sent a warning to the Governor.

“Your actions will not be tolerated.  We are a very strong and powerful committee,” Beck said. “We bring lots of knowledge, skills and contacts to make a difference.”

They will have their work cut out for them, requiring some 1.4 million signatures.  On top of that, every 5 signatures will have to be notarized.

Hoch says she’s confident that her group can handle the massive undertaking, noting they have a considerable amount of volunteer resources already signed up and are being contacted daily by other individuals and organizations seeking to assist their recall effort.

She said anyone who wants to get involved, for now, can contact Beck through her facebook page.



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