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Brick Mayor Ducey Announces Support for Recreational Marijuana Sales Referendum

BRICK-Brick Township Mayor Ducey has not taken much of a stance on many issues of late, citing his political independence, but when asked last week on his “Facebook Live” session with residents about a public referendum on this year’s election ballot for the sale of marijuana in his town, Ducey ecstatically approved.

“I would love a public referendum, that would be an awesome idea,” Ducey told resident. “We would be able to do that next election…it’s something that we’re definitely looking at.”

Ducey added that he has little hope that Governor Murphy’s promise for recreational marijuana will ever pass in New Jersey.

“At this time last year, I said I don’t think recreational marijuana is ever going to be allowed in New Jersey,” Ducey Said. “So far I’m right, they keep saying they’re working on it…I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but part of the bill is towns have a period of six months to allow the sales.”

Ducey also, for the first time answered questions about his possible conflicts of interest concerning the proposed medical marijuana facility after photos surfaced showing the mayor having drinks at a campaign victory party with facility executive Joe Allcock last January.     Ducey has also faced criticism on the application because his brother-in-law, Michael White is the Director of Security for the company, according to reports.

“You say I have conflicts, connections, and all this other stuff, it’s nothing I can speak about, it’s pending application,” Ducey said. “I can’t comment on those types of things.”

“I can’t influence this process in any way, it would be illegal of me, ethically wrong, morally wrong, it just means you don’t know me as a person,” he told the resident who questioned his connections with the facility.


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Posted by Township of Brick, NJ Municipal Government on Tuesday, 8 January 2019

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