Dorms or Suites? Jackson Zoning Board to Reconvene on Trophy Park in February

JACKSON-The Jackson Planning Board heard testimony from the developers of the proposed 200-acre Trophy Park sports complex on Monday.   The board at this point is not sure whether or not the application should instead be heard by the town’s zoning board of adjustment because of the ambiguous use of the “team suites” that will occupy part of the site.

Under the proposal, Trophy Park could house more than 2,000 athletes from around the world at any given time, but some on the planning board feel those suites could actually be deemed as dormitories by the township.

Jackson Township has strict rules regarding the building of dormitories.  According to the developer, the team suites will each contain up to 12 beds and communal showers and bathrooms.

Jeff Riker, a planning board member raised his concern over those dorm-like facilities, said those structures look like and behave like dormitories, similar to the ones he now pays to house his college-aged children while away at school.

The board agreed to a second hearing after no decision was made on the application Monday night.   The next meeting is scheduled for February 4, 2019.



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