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Grewal Accused of Politicking, Pandering in AG’s Office

TRENTON-New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is facing harsh criticism and backlash from residents of New Jersey after releasing a directive to law enforcement officers in the Garden State prohibiting them from certain activities when it comes to illegal aliens.

Many, in response to the Attorney General’s directive said he is not only confusing immigration with illegal immigration, but also pushing party line politics of the administration of Governor Phil Murphy through his office, which is supposed to be non-partisan.

“We do not want our state to become a sanctuary state. If people want to come here legally, then we will welcome them, but if people want to come in illegally and try to screw our system at taxpayer expense, then we will happily call ICE and there won’t be a damn thing the state can do about that,” said New Jersey resident Anthony DiMasi.

Jeff Deckman, a U.S. Air Force veteran called out Grewal’s hypicrosy when it comes to which laws police officers should enforce.

“Are they ok with unlicensed pharmacists, unregistered guns, unlicensed drivers?” he asked, noting that the decree is to turn a blind eye to undocumented illegal aliens, which number as many as one half million in the state.

Mo Crosby challenged Grewal’s authority to even issue such a directive.

“Your rules don’t change the US, or state, constitution. It doesn’t change case law. Your rules are meaningless for smart police officers. An AG policy cannot change laws,’ he said.

Many criticized Grewel for opening the door for New Jersey to become a sanctuary state, welcome illegal aliens a safe-haven from police departments in other states.

Since issuing the directive, residents have bombarded the Attorney General’s Facebook page and accused the state’s top prosecutor of pandering to the 500,000 or so illegal aliens currently living in New Jersey and towing the Democratic party line for his boss, Governor Phil Murphy.



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