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Meals on Wheels Ocean County Facebook Page Hijacked, Authorities Investigating

LAKEWOOD-The Ocean County Meals on Wheels Facebook page has been hi-jacked according to the organization.  With over 9,000 followers, the page was suddenly renamed to “Toms River News” this week.

“The new group has absolutely no affiliation or relationship to Meals on Wheels,” the charity said in a statement today. “The transfer was not authorized by our organization.”

“We believe that a former consultant for Meals on Wheels hijacked our Facebook group for his own purposes,” the statement continued. “We have requested the authorities to conduct a full and complete investigation into the hijacking and take appropriate action.”

The organization said it did it did not authorize the transfer of the group.

Meals on Wheels confirmed the page does not store any information about its clients, donors or contributors and no personal information has been breached.

The charity said it will continue its efforts to feed the county’s hungry, without interruption.

Ocean County’s branch of Meals on Wheels serves 250,000 hot and nutritious meals to over 8,000 seniors in Ocean County.

“We intend to fully cooperate with the authorities to hold the hijacker accountable,” the statement continued. “We have taken steps to ensure this will not happen again.”

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