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Hugin camp: FBI fingered Menendez with underage girls

The Bob Hugin for U.S. Senate campaign today released its hardest hitting video ad against Senator Bob Menendez yet.

Using recent CSPAN footage of Menendez lamenting the lack of trust for women accusing male Supreme Court nominees of sexual misconduct, “When will we as a society begin to believe women? To trust women?” Menendez said on the Senate floor on October 6.

The video, titled Hypocrisy, cites a FBI affidavit which states that Menendez had been traveling to the Dominican Republic for years to engage in sexual activity with prostitutes, some of whom were underage and court documents where in the senator’s own lawyers argued that having sex with underage girls overseas is not a federal crime.

Bob Hugin approved the ad. He did not approve MMM’s headline.

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