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Welle the Weasel

Josh Welle greets a voter at the Red Bank train station in his new commericial, left. On the right, he is answering a question with a flash card during his fake town hall in Jackson on August 2, while his moderator looks on.

Josh Welle, the Democrat running against Congressman Chris Smith in CD-4, released a 2:09 vanity video yesterday which New Jersey Globe characterized as introductory.

SNN readers already know that Welle is a fraud who holds fake town all meetings, thinks the residents of Howell, Allentown, Jackson and Millstone are racists and who wants to raise taxes on 20% of the residents of New Jersey.

The intro video has a scene of Welle introducing himself to the only voter who happened to be at the Red Bank train station that day. Something about the women, who seemed pleased to meet him, seemed familiar….she looks just like the woman who screens Welle’s questions at this bogus town halls!

Welle the Weasel

Something about the woman Josh Welle just happened to meet at the train station seemed familiar. That's it…she looks just like the woman who screens the questions for Welle at his fake town halls!

Posted by More MonmouthMusings on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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