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Mold Found in Second Brick Township School

BRICK-Surface mold growth has been found in two Brick Township schools days before the start of the new school year.

Superintendent of Schools Gerard Dalton has issued two safety advisories this week regarding Lake Riviera Middle School and Emma Havens Young Elementary School.

“As we continued to prepare Lake RIviera Middle School for the return of students and staff, our custodial staff discovered six classrooms, in one section of the building that appeared to have developed surface mold growth,” Dalton said. “The most probable cause was the high humidity we experienced during the last weeks of August.”

The district has hired Environmental Safety Management Corporation to test the mold levels in the air and on surfaces in the affected classrooms.

The district blamed plants and soil near ventilation intakes as the mold source at the Emma Havens.  The shrubs and soil near those intakes have been removed according to the district.

he district contracted with Environmental Safety Management Corporation to test air and surfaces and monitoring for temperature and humidity to assure all locations are safe prior to occupancy by students and staff. The district requested testing of all seven impacted rooms at Emma Havens Young Elementary School. Additionally, in a precautionary step, the district requested random testing of various other locations throughout the building.

On Monday, the mold was discovered at Lake Riviera Middle School.

“To quickly rectify the situation, in order to insure a safe and clean environment for students and staff, immediate action was taken to clean all affected surfaces. District maintenance staff have inspected all ventilation equipment to insure that all components are functioning appropriately,” Dalton added. “Additionally, we have contracted with Environmental Safety Management Corporation to provide services for testing of air and surfaces and monitoring for temperature and humidity to assure that all locations are safe prior to occupancy by students. District staff will continue to monitor the conditions of the impacted rooms on a regular basis as we await the results of testing to be conducted on Tuesday, August 28th.”

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