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Bridge(s) Over Troubled Water in Howell Closed

HOWELL-Bridge failures in Howell caused by Monday’s torrential rain storms are now raising questions about the feasibility of a recycling center proposed on Randolph Road.

First, a bridge failure on Allenwood-Lakewood Road forced the closure of that road, which connects the proposed Randolph Road facility to other major thoroughfares in the area.

“The bridge on Lakewood-Allenwood Road in between Cascades Blvd and Vienna Road has been compromised,” the Howell Police Department said.  “It has been deemed structurally unsafe. The roadway will be closed indefinitely.”

Had the facility been opened this week, that traffic would have been diverted through the residential neighborhoods along the detour of Greenville-Ramtown Road and Newton’s Corner Road.

To make matters worse, a bridge along the proposed detour has collapsed, according the Howell Township Police Department.

“The roadway on Ramtown Greenville Rd. at the bridge between Arnold Blvd and Moses Milch Road has collapsed,” the Department said.  “This was the alternate route for The Lakewood Allenwood closure. This is going to cause significant traffic issues around the Ramtown section. Detours will be in place.”

Residents already in fear of the increased heavy commercial traffic that would accompany the Randolph Road waste transfer facility now have another problem to consider.

What happens to this traffic when the town’s dated bridge systems fail if the facility is approved by the Board of Freeholders after the November election as some insiders suspect.


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