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Police Shocked to Find Over 50 Cats in Deplorable Conditions During Gas Leak Call

HOWELL-Police in Howell Township Thursday night were shocked to find over 50 cats in deplorable conditions at home they were investigating for a gas leak.

The cats, in various stages of neglectful condition were turned over to the Monmouth County SPCA.

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“Our Animal Control Division was called to the scene and the cats are slowly being caught and transported to our shelter,” the SPCA said.  “All of the animals are being treated for mass amounts of fleas, upper respiratory infections, skin infections and internal parasites. We have recovered pregnant cats, nursing mothers, kittens and adult cats; all of which are now in our compassionate care.”

The individual living in the home has been arrested and will face animal cruelty charges, according to police.

“We are in need of supplies and monetary donations to help us continue to care for these cats,” the Monmouth County SPCA said.  “As we are already in the midst of kitten season with a full shelter, we need your support more then ever!”

Those who want to help can shop online at Amazon to purchase supplies for the SPCA.

“We have created a special Amazon wishlist for your contribution convenience and you can also donate directly through Facebook for the cause,” the SPCA said.

To donate, visit Amazon.com.

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