Toms River Republicans Split in 2018 School Board Election

TOMS RIVER-In another twist in what has become a seemingly neverending saga on the Toms River School Board, Republican incumbents Joseph Nardini and Christopher Raimann appear to have split the party line on the 2018 election ballot.

Raimann who has been under investigation by the board and who has, according to reports had ethics charges filed against him by the board attorney Stephen Leone will be running with Jennifer Howe under the slogan, “Transparency Tradition Truth.”

His fellow GOP insider, Joseph Nardini will instead be running with Danielle Lebright under the campaign slogan of “Working Together”.

Former school board member Robert Onofrietti who was often caught in the crossfire between rival Democrats and Republicans during his last tenure on the board is running with Renee Wohlrab under the campaign slogan, “Children, Community First”.

Amidst turmoil in the township Democratic Club, which has just recently undergone a regime change, Democrats will not be running any “Clean Slate” candidates this year.


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