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ShoreNewsNetwork and MoreMonmouthMusings Join Forces

Two Jersey Shore local news sites are joining forces in an effort to provide Monmouth and Ocean County residents informative alternatives to legacy media outlets.

Phil Stilton, publisher of and Art Gallagher, publisher of announced today that they have created a strategic alliance and content sharing agreement.  Together, the two publishers expect to reach 300,000 Monmouth and Ocean County readers per week through their websites and social media platforms.

“Phil has built and impressive audience in Ocean County,” Gallagher said. “I’m looking to expand my reach in northern Ocean County and southwest Monmouth County. Teaming up with ShoreNewNetwork makes perfect sense.”

“The legacy media in New Jersey offers readers filtered and often slanted reports on what goes on in our community,” Stilton said. “For almost 10 years, we have offered our readers the news without the mainstream media spin.”

“The majority of residents in both Ocean and Monmouth County feel they’re not properly represented by existing legacy media outlets,” Stilton continued. “More Monmouth Musings and Shore News Network appeal to an audience that has been largely abandoned by mainstream media, which is highlighted by our rapid growth over the past few years.”

Both websites will continue to be published separately through the first phase of the alliance, which the publishers expect to continue throughout 2018.  Towards the end of the year they will review their results and plan the next step.

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